Colored gemstone engagement rings have become an increasingly popular request.

What we can do for you!

We love this trend because it brings a unique twist to the traditional engagement ring. Maybe you’ve been looking at diamonds but can’t seem to find a style that you love…colored gemstones might be exactly the flare you’ve been missing!

Our good friend Anne chose a Padparadscha sapphire ring with a custom made white gold setting. We got to talk to her about why she chose this stunning pink stone and what it means to her!

Here’s what Anne had to say about choosing her colored gemstone engagement ring:

“Patric and Brittany will go to the ends of the earth to find or make you a unique piece. They are personable and will go out of their way for anyone. Patric and Brittany brought in a beautiful pink selection from New York, which I loved because I’m originally from New York so the rings already had sentimental value to me. As soon as I saw this selection, I immediately fell in love.”

Anne did not go in wanting a pink ring, she certainly walked away with one after she seeing this gemstone! She loved how the ring was one of a kind and completely adored the pink look.

Whether you need to add color to your collection or want to stand out, we have what you are looking for! With our plethora of choices, we have a gemstone that will fit any style you can dream up.

At Romance Diamond Company, we are committed to helping you find a piece that will be both beautiful and sentimental. To learn more about our colored gemstone rings, check out this blog post or schedule an appointment with our amazing team!