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Back to School

Summer has officially come to an end and that means is it back to school here on the hill! Everyone has moved in, started classes, and ready for the upcoming Razorback football season. Celebrate starting a new school year with Heather B. Moore and TAG Heuer is the perfect gift for anyone in your life! With our help, we can provide a shopping experience like no other. 

TAG Heuer

A line that is for the on-the-go man is the perfect for the senior, graduate student, or brand new freshman in college. Trying to balance all the aspects of college life is tricky, but with a TAG Heuer watch, you can take on that challenge with ease. Creating a design that resembles the sleek and modern look of race cars and matches the fast-paced life of the average man in the 21st century is what this collection is all about. Giving a gift as TAG Heuer watches to a loved one today, will make a lasting impression on

TAG Heuer Back to School

Heather B. Moore

Heather B. Moore, our newest collection, is full of custom necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Providing the ability for you to design a gift specifically for your mother’s style and design. Every piece is hand stamped, making each piece a one of a kind. Our charms make endless possibilities for a back to school gift!

The world is full of beautiful symbols and meaningful messages along life’s journey. At Heather B. Moore, this sentimental journey can be immortalized in one jewelry. When your college student goes back to school this fall make them feel the love you have for them.

Heather B. Moore Back to school

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