Maurice Barouh began designing watches in 1940’s Belgium. His son Jack brought the company to America to continue the tradition.

The birth of Jack’s daughter Michele significantly impacted his life. His desire to empower his daughter in the challenging times of the 60’s inspired him to begin a line of children’s watches.

As Michele grew, the Michele brand grew. Eventually, Jack changed the name of the company and Michele Watches was born. At the beginning of the new millennium, Michele joined the company and is now part of executive leadership shepherding Michele Watches into the 21st century.

Watches for Today’s Woman

Therefore, Michele Watches are for bold styles and customizable designs. Each watch is
unique, featuring diamonds, mother of pearl, gold and other luxurious materials.

The “Deco” line is in the art deco style, a nod to of Michele’s grandfather and the humble origins of the company.

The “Sport Sail” line of watches are rugged designs meant for the outdoors, both functional and elegant.

michele watches sport sail rugged elegance only in northwest arkansas fayetteville

Michele caters to the woman who dares to challenge norms and be herself.

We’re proud to add the Michele brand to our portfolio. Come by our showroom or make an appointment to see these wonderful watches.