When it comes to picking the engagement ring that matches your bride’s unique personality, we want to help! Let us break down the steps that go into finding the ring she will wear for the rest of her life. We have created the engagement ring checklist as an easy breezy guide to maneuvering the exciting decision.

Engagement Ring Checklist

In our eyes, choosing an engagement ring that will take her breath away can be done in four easy steps. Each one takes particular time and effort if you want to keep the big question a surprise to your future bride.

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Step 1: Ring Size

This is a vital detail that many people do not know off the top of their head. However, asking for her ring size might give away your master plan. We recommend you ask friends, family members or even take one of her old rings to figure out her size. For other tips on how to get her ring size without her getting suspicious check out our blog, Figuring Out Her Ring Size!

Step 2: Ring Style

You finally found out her ring size, and now it’s time to focus on the style of the ring. Think about the personality of your bride in this part of the process. The style of the ring says a lot about the one wearing it and the one who bought it. A few styles of engagement rings are classic, romantic, modern, and vintage. Consider if your bride has a modern style; perhaps she would want a more modern ring. Someone who loves traditions and is sentimental would probably fall in love with a vintage ring that looked like her grandmother’s. Do your research in finding the style ideal for your stunning bride.

Romance Diamond Co. Jewelers Engagement Ring ChecklistStep 3: Metal

Choosing the metal of the ring is usually the most natural step. Take inventory of the types of metals of the jewelry she wears regularly. Picking a ring that has similar or complementary metals will help your future bride pair her current jewelry with her new piece. If she does not wear a lot of jewelry, you can always pick a class metal with the help of a jeweler.

Step 4: Diamond Cut

The diamond cut is what makes the ring stand out on your bride’s finger. When picking the cut of the diamond, there are options such as halo, round, oval, pear and many more. This is when research such as asking her best friend or even finding her Pinterest board comes in handy. She may have left a clue for you to find her dream ring. When in doubt, pick a ring that you think mimics her personality.

Let us help you pick the perfect engagement ring for your bride. Come in today or schedule an appointment where we can help you with all your jewelry needs!