White gold– Pros: Less expensive than platinum, and has a great shine. Cons: White gold is not naturally white and the plating will wear off over time.

Platinum– Pro: It is long lasting and durable, is naturally white and is hypoallergenic. Cons: May scratch easily, is heavy, and tends to be on the expensive side.

Rose gold– Pros: Durable, inexpensive and requires no plating since the color comes from mixing copper with yellow gold. Cons: It is slightly harder to find so there will be less variety and it is not hypoallergenic.

Yellow gold– Pros: A very durable metal that is great for everyday wear and it has a great natural luster. Cons: Can be a very soft metal and is not hypoallergenic.

Sterling Silver– Pros: This is probably the least expensive option. Cons: Silver can scratch very easily.


Halo– Small diamonds placed in a circle or other shape around the center stone. This will make the single diamond look larger.

Pavé– Comes from the french word meaning “to pave”. Tiny diamonds are set very close together to create the look that the ring is “paved” in diamonds and there is no metal showing in between them.


Setting -Refers to the style in which your ring is attached or “set”. Example: solitaire four prong setting

Romance Diamond Company Engagement Rings Proposal Spots in Northwest Arkansas Jewelery Company Cut Clarity Carat ColorSemi mount -A ring that is not complete, it is lacking the center stone.

Live stone – A complete ring, center stone already in place.

Cut– This is not the shape of the diamond but rather how the diamond is sculpted to reflect light.

Clarity– A measure of the absence of blemishes or inclusions.

Carat – Carat weight is how large or small the stone will be.

Color– The degree to which a diamond is colorless.

Band -Not to be confused with the engagement ring, the wedding band is it’s own piece of jewelry and is usually much less elaborate.

Wedding Band Romance Diamond Company Best Jeweler in Northwest ArkansasAGS– American Gem Society

GIA– Gemological Institute of America

Gemstone– Crystals made from specific elements or compounds.

Blemish– Irregular features on the diamond’s surface that can affect clarity.

Inclusion– Internal features in the diamond that can affect clarity.

Prongs– The small pieces of metal that hold the diamond in place. A prong setting is common with a solitaire diamond.

Solitaire– Ring with only one stone.

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