Engagement season is here, and we’re seeing a huge number of proposals happening! Are you getting ready to buy a ring? Here are 7 easy ways to find out her ring size without her knowing, in order of least risky to riskiest!

Trace a Ring on Paper

You’ll have to be sneaky, but this can easily be done without her knowing. Find a ring that she wears often (make sure she wears it on her ring finger!), and trace the inner and outer circle. Jewelry stores should be able to figure out the ring size from this drawing. Make sure you put the ring back where you found it, and hide the paper you traced it on. Risk level: 2/10

Measure According to Your Finger

Take note while you’re holding hands. Measure the size of her ring finger in comparison to one of yours. Is her ring finger about the same width as yours? Maybe the same as your pinky? Make a mental note! She probably won’t think anything of this, unless you make it obvious! Risk level: 3/10

Employ Her Friends As Spies

Does your girl have friends who are willing to go secret agent for you? Ask for their help. Just make sure they’re not the type to spill the beans! Have them casually bring it up, look around for a ring, measure one of her rings on their finger, anything goes! If you’re wanting to keep the proposal a total surprise, we’d consider some of the other options. Risk level: 5/10

Borrow a Ring

This can be tricky, because she might notice one of her rings is missing. But if you can get away with it, bring one of her rings into the jewelry store with you. Just make sure you put it back! Risk level: 6/10

Measure While She’s Sleeping

Whatever you do, don’t wake her up! If you think you can get away with this, take a piece of paper or a fabric tape measure and find out her ring finger size. Make sure you measure the right one and definitely don’t make any sudden movements! Risk level: 7/10

Engagement Ring Proposal Ideas Rose Gold Ring Oval Cut Color Clarity CaratAsk, But Not Obviously

Bring it up in casual conversation. Find a way to fit it in without giving it away. She may catch on, but if you can play it cool, she might not even notice. Risk level: 8/10

Talk About It

If you’re at the point in your relationship where you both know you’re going to get married and that a proposal is coming, then just talk about the ring size! She might not be totally surprised when you drop down on one knee, but there are plenty of other ways to make it a surprise. Risk level: 10/10

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