Romance Diamond Co. Jewelers is elated to start our relationship with Heather B. Moore starting this April. We will be hosting a trunk show to showcase the unique and spectacular lines. Furth read more about the incredible story of Heather B. Moore check out this blog.


Over the years

Heather B. Moore started this company over 20 years ago with a goal to be apart of the big memories in others lives. Having a background 

in metal work and glass blowing gives Heather a edge to producing her customizable and personal line. Her studie is located in Cleveland, Ohio along with her in-house steel shop which gives them an edge. Since Heather B. Moore created her jewelry company she has been able to help create thousands of personalized pieces for her customers.The world is full of wonderful symbols and meaningful messages along life’s journey. At Heather B. Moore, this sentimental journey can be immortalized in ne jewelry.

Upcoming Trunk Show

Our first trunk show for Heather B. Moore is April 11th at our Dickson location. Showcasing our fresh collection and celebrating the endless possibilities for luxury personalities jewelry. Also, orders made by April 28th will guarantee the perfect Mother’s Day Gift personalized for the extraordinary women in your life. 


“We want your charms to reflect the 

happiness, laughter, and achievement behind each story. As life goes on, and you have more stories to celebrate, you can add on by choosing different layouts that map out the cherished memories of your journey, wherever you find yourself in your travels. Over time, you will have an amazing collection of pieces that capture moments in time, and truly reflect who you are.” – Heather B. Moore

Join us for the Trunk Show
Romance Diamond showroom on Dickson Street
April 11, 2018
12-5:30 pm

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