QALO Silicone Rings to the rescue and we have them!

You and your spouse have planned the perfect camping weekend – canoeing the Buffalo River, hammocking on gravel bars, sharing a coffee over the embers of last night’s fire.

Loosing your precious metal wedding ring is the last thing you want to happen. Maybe you slip it in your pocket. Or wear it around your neck. Most likely, you leave it at home.

Now you don’t have to hide your marital commitment in your backpack. A silicone ring means you don’t worry about the wear and tear of life.

The Story

Qalo Silicone Rings Romance Diamond Co

QALO began in 2012 when friends Ted and KC were each newly married. They found themselves “loving their wives but hating their wedding bands” because the risk of loosing their gold wedding rings was cramping their active lifestyles. They wanted to show their love without limiting their outdoor activities.

So what did they do? They designed silicone rings they could put on when they were lifting kettle bells at the gym, riding a century on their road bikes, or running a half-marathon.

Their company and their ring designs are based on their philosophy of world class quality, healthy lifestyles, marriage and family commitments, and a love the for the outdoors.

These silicone fashion rings and wedding bands come in a large selection of styles, colors, and textures.

We love our active community here in Northwest Arkansas and we are excited to offer these rings for our Ozark adventurers!

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