When asking if getting your jewelry appraised is necessary, the answer is absolutely! Whether it is your engagement ring or a family heirloom that has been inherited, it is important to know the value of your jewelry. Arkansas Jewelery Appraisal

1. What is an appraisal?

Having your jewelry appraised will result in a legal document that states the value of your pieces. Be sure to make note that the receipt of purchase from your items will not count as an appraisal as price paid and the appraisal value of the items is often different.

2. Why should I get an appraisal?

Having your jewelry appraised is important for insurance matters. Knowing the exact value will help if your items are ever stolen and will also give you a better idea of the value of items inside of your home. It is a cautionary measure that should be taken for any valuable pieces of jewelry in your home.

3. Who should I have do the appraisal?

Make sure that whoever is doing your appraisal has the appropriate certifications and accreditations. Appraisal Institutions offer courses or you can look for the words “GIA Graduate Gemologist,” meaning that they have completed training with the Gemological Institute of America. Our very own Brendon Padilla is a GIA Graduate Jeweler Gemologist and an AGS Certified Gemologist Appraiser. He can help you with all of your appraisal needs.

Stop in any time and get your jewelry appraised. We’re more than happy to help you understand the value of your collection through jewelry appraisals. Schedule an appointment today!