Jewelry repairs can range from small to extensive but will only maintain the value of your high quality piece. Most people do not understand the importance of getting their jewelry repaired regularly. However, with the help of our experts, we will help bring back your jewelry to its bright glory days.

Jewelry Repairs Tips To Know

When it comes to your jewelry, it is always wise to get repairs as soon as something breaks. A simple fix can guarantee adding years to your pieces life. Our goal is to keep your jewelry as dazzling as the day you bought it.

What can jewelers fix?

The most common repairs include:

  • Ring setting/stone tightening
  • Ring sizing
  • Clasp replacement
  • Ring prong re-tipping or replacement
  • Ring head/setting replacement
  • Chain repair
  • Stone replacement
  • Polishing and cleaning
  • Pearl restringing
  • Watches

Preventing Irreversible Damage

Repairing your jewelry will prevent unnecessary loss such as a necklace chain breaking or a diamond falling out. We strive to ensure that your piece will last years to come. However, that requires preventing damage that cannot be undone. A simple way to ensure this is bringing in your jewelry about twice a year to have it checked by experts.

Jewelry Repairs Romance Diamond

Bring in for a Quote

Feel free to bring in your pieces in need of repair by the store anytime for a quote. When bringing in your piece, we can provide you with every option for the next step. We strive to help you make the best decisions for your favorite go-to accessory.

Stop in any time and get your jewelry repaired. We’re more than happy to help you understand the value of regular jewelry repairs. Schedule an appointment today!