Jewelry is an investment and you want to make sure you’re taking good care of it. We offer services to keep your jewelry looking sharp! Schedule an appointment today so we can clean, repair, and appraise your jewelry.


Brendon Padilla is our GIA and AGS certified gemologist and he can appraise your jewelry for insurance and resale valuation. His twenty years of jewelry experience means he knows just about everything about fine jewelry, diamonds, and gems. He’ll determine the authenticity, quality of workmanship, and monetary value of your piece.

Jewelry Repairs

regular jewelry cleaning is important to keep gemstones looing great and settings safe

Is your wedding ring slipping off your finger? Does that necklace clasp keep getting stuck? Are you worried a diamond is going to slip out of its setting?

Let us take a look at your jewelry and fix those issues and more. We resize rings and re-tip gem prongs. If your jewelry is dull or worn, we can freshen it up with careful cleaning and attention.

Watch Repairs

We are watch repair experts and can fix your timepiece. We do it all: from adding a few links to adjusting your band to battery replacements for all brands and designs in-house. If your watch crystal is scratched or you need extensive repairs, we can coordinate with most watch manufacturers to get your watch ticking.


Jewelry gets dirty. Lotions, skin oil, and everyday dirt will cloud even the most stunning gems. A deep ultrasonic cleaning and hand buffing can bring that diamond back to its original sparkle. We will also check the piece to see if additional repairs are needed.


We carry a wide variety of designers and jewelry pieces. However, we also offer jewelry customization. Whether you want a custom engraving or a one of a kind jewelry design, we can create it for you. We believe that you can and should have your ideal piece of jewelry, and our services make that possible. Whether there’s a certain stone, cut, or setting that interests you, we can bring it to life. Brendon Padilla is a skilled jeweler; he crafts intricate and beautiful custom jewelry for our clients. Bring us your jewelry inspiration, and we can create something wonderfully unique, just for you.

Most of our services can be done while you wait. Shop our collection of exquisite jewelry while we freshen up your pieces. Schedule an appointment with us!