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Who says engagement rings can’t be blue? More and more couples are moving away from tradition and getting engaged with a ring that isn’t a diamond. In fact, engagement rings from the early and mid 1900’s weren’t always diamonds, many featured other precious gemstones as accents or even the center stone.

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Mixed Metals

Mixing two contrasting metal colors is sure to make your ring stand out! They are commonly done with a twisting design although other variations exist, such as a different color halo. Mixed metal rings have been around for a long time, many vintage rings feature multiple types of precious metals.

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Whether you are an old soul or just like the look, vintage rings are sure to stand out! Vintage rings add a fun flare, from colored stones to art deco designs, no two are alike. Don’t worry if you can’t hunt down the antique ring you’ve dreamed of, many current designers are creating new vintage-inspired rings.

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Most people are aware of your usual engagement ring shapes, princess cut, round cut, cushion cut etc. but there are a few shapes that are making a splash! Marquise, pear and heart shaped diamonds are a great way to switch it up!

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