The Magical, Marvelous Moonstone: These moonstones radiate with all the brilliance of a magical moonlit evening, day or night.

With its pearly, opalescent luster and unique lunar-like glow, moonstones have been adorned in jewelry in various cultures for thousands of years. The Romans and Greeks believed these gems to be moonbeams in their solid state and wore them to honor their lunar deities. Product photography of jewelry for Romance Diamond Company Photo by Beth…
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New Bentonville Location

The big news here at Romance Diamond Co Jewelers! We now have a Bentonville location for all our jewelry services. Whether it is appraisals, repairs, custom orders, or anything jewelry related, we are Northwest Arkansas one-stop-shop for luxury jewlery. (more…)
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Holiday Gift

Holiday Gift Ideas

The countdown to Christmas continues here at Romance Diamond Co. Jewelers! Our store has changed its hours even to accommodate all the individuals needing to stop by after work. Our new hours are Monday to Saturday 10-6, and we are not open on Sundays. We have a wide selection of gifts for simple stocking stuffers or even…
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25 Days Till Christmas

Christmas is 25 days away! That means you have 25 days to get the perfect gift for your loved ones. Whether it is for someone young or old, to pop the big question or just to say I love you we are one stop shop for holiday gifts. Take a look at 5 of our…
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Holiday Joy Watch MICHELE TAG Heuer

Ticking Away The Year

It is already November here on the hill, and that means that Christmas is only a couple of weeks away. Finding a watch can be a hard task any time of year, but if you want to gift one this holiday season time is almost out. We have MICHELE, or TAG Heuer watches in full…
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JB Star

JB Star Christmas

As 2018 is coming to an end, that means the holiday season is starting! Everyone is traveling near and far to be with loved ones for the special time of year. Lots of food, laughter, and a tree filled with gifts under to show off the love of a family. A piece of jewelry from…
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Fall Engagement Season

The cold weather is finally here on the hill! That means sweats, colorful leaves, and the holidays right around the corner! With all the hustle and bustle of the fall season comes the exciting time of fall and holiday engagements. Northwest Arkansas is a prime location for fall engagement with the stunning scenery and stunning…
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Romance Diamond Co Ring Size

Engagement Ring Vocabulary

Before you pop the big question, you need to make sure you understand when it comes to picking the right ring. Engagement Ring Vocabulary is tricky, and we want you to be able to understand what is perfect for the love of your life! (more…)
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TAG Back to School

Back to School

Summer has officially come to an end and that means is it back to school here on the hill! Everyone has moved in, started classes, and ready for the upcoming Razorback football season. Celebrate starting a new school year with Heather B. Moore and TAG Heuer is the perfect gift for anyone in your life!…
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