When it comes to jewelry, there are more options today than ever before. Picking a piece of jewelry that will be the perfect statement piece for any outfit this summer can be overwhelming. That’s why we have all the latest styles and collections to make your choice easier! Ring in summer with us at Romance Diamond Co. Jewelers.

Top Designers to Ring in Summer

Have you ever been told that you talk with your hands? Rings are the piece of jewelry that everyone notices because people talk with their hands every day. Plus, rings are subtle pieces that goes with any outfit all season long. Choosing a ring from our extensive collection is something you won’t regret.


One of our simplest collections of rings in our shop is MeditationRings. These rings are made in elegant designs with statement pieces that even spin around. Numerous styles of gold and silver will dazzle any outfit this summer.

Ring in Summer Romance Diamond Co

Marco Bicego

Marco Biecgo has an extensive collection of rings that are all gorgeous. With subtle colors and simple designs, these pieces will capture anyone’s heart. A mix of metals, stones, and designs allow women who are seeking a showstopper ring to find just what they’re looking for.

Marco Bicego Rings Ring in Summer

Heather B. Moore

The world is full of beautiful symbols and meaningful messages along life’s journey. Heather B. Moore has stunning rings that will celebrate this sentimental journey and can be immortalized in jewelry. The ability to customize the rings lets us help create thousands of personalized pieces for our customers.

Ring in Summer Romance Diamond Co Jewlers

Stop in any time and find that once in a lifetime piece or schedule an appointment today!