It’s summertime here on the hill, and that means pool parties, barbecues with loved ones, and loads of time in the sun. Finding time in your busy schedule to do all these things takes skilled orchestration. We know your time is valuable, and that means you shouldn’t waste a second of it! The easiest way to accomplish all you want in the time you have is with a watch.

Smartwatch v. Classic Watch

It isn’t hard to follow the tech-savvy crowd and opt for a smartwatch. However, with a classic watch, you bring sophistication to any outfit you pair with the piece of jewelry. Bright, clunky watches that always seem to need a charge when you need it most are often more trouble than they’re worth. Instead, invest in a piece of jewelry that will mean something to you, and could even be passed down to the next generation.

TAG Heuer

A line that is designed for the on-the-go man is the perfect way to tick away summer here in Northwest Arkansas. Trying to balance all the aspects of life is tricky, but with a TAG Heuer watch, you can take on that challenge with ease. Creating a design that resembles the sleek and modern look of race cars and matches the fast-paced life of the average man in the 21st century is what this collection is all about. A man always needs to look, feel, and be is best – so why not do that with a timepiece from our TAG Heuer line?

TAG Heuer Ticking Away Summer Romance Diamond Co


Women have a wide range of jewelry and accessories they can wear all summer to make them look fantastic. However, a watch is a go-to piece that will be fashionable and useful at the same time. The line of MICHELE watches was made to look elegant and irresistible. The thought put into this style creates a look that will impress even the biggest watch fanatic. Gold, diamonds, and fashion – what more could women want in a piece of jewelry? Find the sophisticated addition to your outfit today!

Michele Romance Diamond Co Ticking Away Summer

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