Most of you may be asking, what exactly is quartz? The chemical name for the mineral is silicone dioxide, most commonly referred to as quartz crystal. It is an extremely abundant mineral and possesses some incredibly unique qualities. Rock crystal is the colorless form of Quartz.

Arkansas quartz pendants banner 2 Romance Diamond Co Jewelers Fayetteville AR Northwest Arkansas JewelersQuartz mineral deposits can be found all around the world. In fact, according to the state websiteArkansas has some of the world’s highest quality quartz, along with Brazil.

Hot Springs and Mount Ida, Arkansas draw in tourists every year who are hoping to dig up their own piece of the beautiful, clear, rock crystal. The quartz crystal coming out of the Ouachita Mountains area of Arkansas is also said to have mystical properties.

Crystal is thought to have many mystical properties, anything from focusing your attention to aligning yourself with a higher level of consciousness. Most people’s beliefs involving crystals have to do with the energy properties of the stones. It is said that a crystal can absorb, store, and amplify energy, and for this reason they are often used for chakra work (chakra is the Indian belief that there are seven centers of spiritual power in the body). Clear quartz is said to be associated with all chakras.

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The quartz jewelry that we have in store at Romance Diamond Co. are all sourced from the Zigras Mine in Garland County, Arkansas which is operated by Avant Mining LLC. The crystal was mined by hand, cleaned by hand, sorted, and cut by Avant Mining. The cutting of the crystal was done in Avant’s network of high precision gem cutters in Switzerland, France, China, and India. Each quartz piece comes with a card of authenticity that is signed by James Zigras.

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