Meet Zac and Erin, our newest Romance Couple!

Their story is inspiring! We talked with Zac and he shared a little bit about their story.

How did you meet Erin?

Erin and zac with her engagement ring right after the proposal“We met the summer after Junior year of High School through a mutual friend, named Jamie. I was working at Lokomotion at the time and Jamie brought Erin by to play mini golf and ride go karts between shifts. I was working doubles for summer events at the time so they met me between shifts.

“Covered in oil, sweat, gas and smelled of a long summer day outside and she looked stunning. Needless to say, I was hesitant to speak much to her and therefore she thought I was a jerk. It wasn’t love at first sight… haha

“Jamie pushed us to talk some more and it didn’t take long to realize how perfect we were for one another. I’m the outgoing go getter and she is more shy and reserved. This was a great balance to keep me in check and pull her out some. We both LOVE the outdoors, riding 4 wheelers, going to the lake and spending time together. Our relationship and admiration for one another grew stronger and on July 4th 2012 we officially began our relationship together and the next 5 years were a whirlwind.”

Why did you choose to purchase Erin’s engagement ring from Romance Diamond Co.?

erin and zac what a gorgeous solitaire diamond engagement ring

“I remembered I worked with somebody who was familiar with Romance Diamond Company so I gave Brittany a call. After a brief conversation of what I was looking for and in what price range, I decided to drive down to Romance during lunch to see their jewelry. Brittany greeted me at the door and said she had the perfect ring!! I was thinking… “surrre you do”. Boy, was I surprised. Brittany had the exact ring that I envisioned and it was phenomenal quality!

“She sat down with me for an hour and let me review all aspects and answered all of my concerns. Not once did she check the time, let her mind wander or lose focus. For that hour, she treated me like I was all that mattered and I had her undivided attention. I felt like a valued friend, not just a profit.

“I made my mind up that day and I purchased the ring! Then I had the honor or speaking with Erin’s dad and getting his blessing as well as telling my friends and family.”

How did you choose the perfect ring for Erin?

“Erin and I had never looked at rings or discussed it because I wanted to buy what I thought was perfect for us and perfect for her. I didn’t tell family or friends so that the decision was solely on my shoulders.

“I debated getting something that was big but lower quality so that it would look big to the regular person walking by. After some thought, I didn’t want to begin our marriage trying to keep up with the Joneses and put the focus on material things. Erin and I are both strong Christians and I wanted our marriage to begin Christ centered and not centered on materialistic, worldly things.

“Therefore, I decided to get Erin a ring that had a thin diamond band with one pure high quality stone in the middle.

“In the end, I decided on a Pave Diamond Band with a slightly rectangular Radiant Cut Center Stone. Radiant cuts are not as common as Cushion and I like the crisp lines and clear facets on it!”

How did you propose?

Zac on one need proposing to his future bride Erin

“Given our love for the outdoors, I decided I would propose on our anniversary in Branson, MO. I told Erin that given the milestone year, I wanted to treat her to a day of fun at Big Cedar and a nice dinner at the Top of the Rock restaurant, Osage.

“Prior to what she thought was dinner time, we went on a walk to checkout some new lodges they built called the falls, which has a nice waterfall area out back. We walked out the back door to ‘investigate’ but in reality that is where I decided to propose. In utter disbelief, Erin didn’t quite know how to react. It took a few minutes for reality to set in when she began to bawl in excitement.

“About the time she quit crying, Erin’s family and our friends came outside to join us. We had “cancelled” on these truly best friends of ours for the anniversary dinner and Erin felt bad all day. Little did she know, they were in on the event and joined us in Branson. She began bawling again…”

Do you have wedding plans? 

“After all the excitement subsided a few weeks later, we began the process of wedding band shopping and we are now working with Brittany and Kwiat to custom design a wedding band to match!

“We are getting married on December 30th at the Ball Room at I Street in Bentonville, AR and cannot wait! It is a short engagement to allow my younger brother who is in the Army to be in attendance during what should be his holiday leave.

“It’s a very busy time in both of our lives but anchored in our Faith, we cannot be more excited to begin this next journey in life together. I can honestly say that what began as a stressful process of finding a ring, ended with comfort and peace! I would HIGHLY recommend anybody START with RDC as you’ll feel right at home and become a customer for life. I’m forever blessed to have met Brittany and trusted her with a milestone moment in my life. I couldn’t be happier.”

 We are so excited for Zac and Erin’s future!

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