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Professional Jewelry Cleaning

Diamonds sparkle and gold shines. Well, as long as you keep it clean. Jewelry cleaning is one of the most overlooked aspects of everyday life.


Jewelry Repair


Making sure your jewelry is looking good as new is important. Know the value of your diamonds and watches and give them the attention they deserve. Having your jewelry cleaned and maintained on a regular basis will add years to your piece’s life. We want your jewelry to stay as sparkling and amazing as it was when you bought it.


How often do I go in for a cleaning?

We recommend professional cleaning every six months. This keeps your jewelry shining like new. Regular cleaning by a certified gemologist ensures your jewelry is inspected for loose diamonds, worn prongs, and other signs of needed repair granting the stone won’t fall out.


Should I do it myself?

In between professional cleanings, you may want to give your rings a light cleaning. Be careful. The biggest mistake people make with DIY cleaning is using acidic solutions. These can damage metals and even dull some gemstones. A touch up with a soft cleanser like dish soap is a safe method.


jewelry cleaning



Six Tips To Keeping Your Jewelry Clean will help you clean your jewelry safely and ensure the best results.