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Watch & Jewelry Repair

Your diamond ring is perfect. However, life may not always be so perfect. Maybe you’ve caught your ring on your sweater or your watch banged against your car door or maybe you dropped this precious gem on accident. It’s those quick moments where a prong can come loose and that perfect diamond is at risk. We offer jewelry repair services for all of your jewelry even if you bought it somewhere else.


Jewelry Repair


The thing about jewelry is you never know when a setting is loose. Having your jewelry repaired and maintained on a regular basis will add years to your piece’s life. We want your jewelry to be as sparkling and amazing as it was when you bought it.


What can we repair?

We have a gemologist on staff and over 70 years of experience between Brendon, Brittany, and Patric. We can do most repairs in our shop. For major repairs, we can find the specialist to get your watch ticking again.

  • Ring setting/stone tightening
  • Ring sizing
  • Stone replacement
  • Ring prong re-tipping or replacement
  • Ring head/setting replacement
  • Clasp replacement
  • Chain repair
  • Polishing and cleaning
  • Pearl restringing
  • Watches


Do you need a quote?

If you are not sure what repairs you will need, feel free to bring your jewelry to us for a quote. We’ll assess the needed repairs and give you options. We want you to have all the facts so you can determine what do next for that favorite jewelry.